Renewal of AEO Status

Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria, we help clients in renewing the AEO status. While the AEO-T1 and AEO-T2 status needs to be renewed after 3 years, AEO-T3 and AEO-LO needs to be renewed after 5 years.

The AEOs, if they so desire to continue their AEO status and avail the benefits, must submit their application as stipulated under Section 2 of this circular, before lapse of their validity as per the following.

# AEO status Time limit for submission of application for renewal before lapse of validity
1 AEO-T1 30 days
2 AEO-T2 60 days
3 AEO-T3 90 days
4 AEO-LO 90 days

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Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) program seeks to provide tangible benefits in the form of reduction of cost to Importers and Exporters and faster customs clearances
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